Traditional vs. Digital

Used to Be

Traditionally photographers produced prints. A photographer would invest money into a camera, lenses, education. He or she would purchase lots of film and use it up on shoots then develop the film either at a lab or in a dark room. There was something called airbrushing... I'm not really sure, but there certainly was a lot of good old-fashioned physical work going on. What photographers produce now is less straightforward.

Digital Changes A Few Things

Half of the story is we have digital cameras and desktop publishing. The other half is that many humans live a good portion of our lives digitally (read: staring at a glowing rectangles). We're connected online. We share our lives with others online and having prints doesn't help us do that.

Many photographers have made the switch to digital and many run their businesses exactly like they've done before: Delivering professional prints to the customer. It seems not all customers want prints. Or at least the interest in prints seems diminished. Many want images for desktop backgrounds, screen saver slideshows, social networking sites, etc.

What about Dan Hixon Photography?

I love the idea of creating a large beautiful mounted print and hanging it in your living room. A center piece for your family to cherish for years. Enlargements, Head swaps, retouching skin, sharpening, color space conversions, printing, mounting, spraying. It's a lot of work and the fruit is a big gorgeous photograph. Of your family, gleaming and sparkling.

I want to deliver the best of both worlds and so my packages are hybrid digital and print. See package pricing here.

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