The names Jamie, Asher, Gwendolyn, and Ezra mean pure joy to me.

My wife Jamie is a beautiful overflowing package of talent, intelligence, and sweetness. She sings, acts, dances, teaches voice, teaches theatre, directs, writes, sews, loves to read and can probably beat you at scrabble.

Asher is a boy. He loves Pokemon, Star Wars, and his own imagination. He loves to run and jump around fighting invisible foes. He is usually calm and sweet.

Gwen has smaller feet than anyone her age. She is petite and sweet. She loves to help with dinner and loves making freinds and being with people. She learned to read before she started kindergarten and tries hard to keep up with her brother in everything that he does.

Ezra is extra special. He is full of love, light, hope, and joy. His smile is beyond infectious, his snuggles are like a drug, and he never in a bad mood.

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